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Explore Paros, try the Cycladic cuisine and visit some of the most beautiful places of Paros.
Naoussa - Camping Koula


Naoussa is a town of Paros. It is the second most populated town on the island of Paros after Parikia,
from which it is 10 km away. It is a coastal town, with a small safe harbor on the eastern tip of the homonymous
Naoussa Bay, at the northern end of the island.
Parikia - Camping Koula


Some of its most important attractions are located in Chora Paros
What can one say about the top attractions located in Chora tis Paros?
Panagia Ekatontapyliani, the oldest Orthodox pilgrimage, the Castle of Parikia, the Sanctuary of Dilio Apollo
and the Archaeological Museum of Paros are just some of them.
White - Camping Koula


The most mountainous village of Paros and the greenest. Lefkes was the first capital of Paros.
The settlement is just below the pine forest on the hill. A walk through its beautiful alleys with white joints will impress you.
You will see the old laundromats, which some housewives still use, the House of Literature,
the picturesque Ramnos, a street with taverns and other shops and the wonderful view. Sea and Naxos in the background.
The houses are amphitheatrically built. The first inhabitants were refugees who came from Crete as well as locals
who chose the mountain to build their village out of fear of pirates.
What's nearby - Camping Koula
What's nearby
  • Archaeological Museum of Paros 850 m
  • Νότια (Παροικιάς Πάρου) 1.8 km
  • Άγιοι Πάντες
  • Στρούμπουλα Νήσου Πάρου 4.5 km
  • Venetian Harbour and Castle 8 km
  • Paros Park 9 km
  • Paros National Airport 9 km